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My paintings express a wide variety of tone, and range from vibrant, colorful and whimsical to avant-garde and cutting edge. I would classify my work as a mixture of cubism, expressionism, and abstract. Using acrylic and oil, and sometimes collage, I enjoy seeing how colors look next to each other.

I was inspired to paint to cope with my grief over my brother’s untimely death in a car accident. It was therapeutic. I never went to art school but did attend many art classes where I learned the fundamentals of drawing and painting, and then eventually branched out to find my style. Today, I paint because it’s fun to create an object of beauty and admire the finished product, although there is great joy in the process of creating.

“By working to make color and light dance, 

I choose to focus on the part of humanity which offers hope, light, and promise.”  

– Teri Levine – 

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“I want to bring happiness to people and bring beauty to their homes and lives”

Teri is the founder of Teri Levine Art & Design. What began as a hobby eight years ago has since expanded to include design where images of Levine’s artwork are infused onto fashion accessories like scarves, ties and handbags.



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At Teri Levine Art and Design, you will find a wide array of colorful, vibrant, cutting-edge and whimsical paintings that can beautify any place. Teri’s work is mainly abstract, expressionistic, and cubist and she uses mainly acrylics and oils on canvas. Her use of colors is bold and purposeful. 

So, if you want to decorate your house with her magical colorful paintings, get in touch with us.

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"By working to make color and light dance,  I choose to focus on the part of humanity which offers hope, light, and promise”  

Teri Levine

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"Teri landed the cover of Gallery Guide magazine, and was featured in an article"

I try to combine line, shape, color, texture and space to communicate what the subject matter is. Sometimes I use realism and other times abstract expressionism to accomplish this.