Teri Levine


Atlanta, GA – As an artist, you always want to begin with a blank canvas, but that blank canvas can go in many different directions.

Teri Levine’s paintings express a variety of tones, from vibrant, colorful and whimsical to avant-garde and cutting edge, but they look just as good framed on the wall of a gallery as they do on a dress or a pillow.

Levine is the founder of Teri Levine Art & Design. What began as a hobby eight years ago has since expanded to include design where images of Levine’s artwork and infuse those images onto fashion accessories like scarves, ties and handbags.

“I want to bring happiness to people and bring beauty to their homes and lives,” says Levine. “My products are not something you will see everywhere.”

Levine says she’s inspired to paint based on whatever mood she’s in at the time. Sometimes she doesn’t have any idea what she’s going to paint. Sometimes it’s very planned out. Even though she knows whatever she paints may end up on a shower curtain, Levine approaches each painting with the same integrity as the Masters.

“It’s very important to me to not just paint what sells,” says Levine. I believe in following your passion and dreams. If something is not true to who you are, it’s going to come through. People are going to sense that.”

Today Levine’s work has evolved into abstract, bold contemporary pieces, with bright colors and a sense of movement.

“I think about how wonderful it is to wake up in the morning and earn a living doing something I love doing,” says Levine. “You need to follow your bliss.”

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